Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Pictured Top Center; SEND missionaries and missionary kids (MKs) with Matt at our Royal Servants Training Camp in 2017
Over the past few years we’ve had a handful of MKs join us on a Royal Servants mission trip. This year we’ve increased our effort to recruit more MKs! Why? Besides the challenges of cross-cultural life and ministry, every missionary family has a goal of raising up their children to serve and follow Christ. Most MKs can quote scripture and know—at least in their heads—all the “Sunday School” answers. But no matter how much they know, every single child has to at some point in time take all the teaching they have had and make it their own… not just know it in their heads, but really claim it and apply it to their own heart and lives.
Tenna Embaugh (MK Care Coordinator of SEND International) had this to say; Growing up as an MK myself, I had the opportunity to be very involved in the ministry my parents were doing and it was great to be able to do that.  But, it was when I had my first opportunity to “DO” it for myself on a short term summer missions trip, that I really started to apply what I knew in my head to my own life.”
When MKs really begin to own their faith and beliefs for themselves and apply them to their hearts, it is absolutely remarkable what can take place. MKs have tremendous potential in that they are familiar to adjusting to new cultures, learning languages, and developing friendships quickly. These are all amazing qualities for future candidates for the mission field to help reach the nations! Please pray!

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