Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Matt with Robert, one of the only young 
Christians in Dunoon, Scotland. Next 
summer our family and the Royal 
Servants will be returning to Scotland! 

“Let us go back and visit the believers in all the towns where we preached the word of the Lord and see how they are doing.”
  – Acts 15:36
Imagine being all alone in your Christian faith. You don’t know any Christians your age that you can identify with. You feel there is no one to show you REAL faith. 
Then one day a group of young passionate believers stroll into town. They want to hang out with you, disciple you and bring you along to tell others about Christ. Can you imagine how that would encourage you to live out your faith in a REAL way?

Jenni:  Can you tell me a little about your faith background?
Robert: I became a Christian 2 years ago through missionaries at a summer camp. Later on my faith became like plastic. It just wasn’t real. I did not have anyone to look up to. It is really tough. In our town there’s only maybe 3 or 4 Christians my age who are living for God. We are all really struggling because we are so few.
Jenni: Can you tell me how your life has been impacted by our Royal Servants team?
Robert: The Royal Servants have really opened up my eyes on how to live for God. They have touched a lot of lives all around Dunoon already. They have really shown me how to turn my plastic faith into something real. 
Jenni: How have the Royal Servants specifically encouraged you?
Robert: They are really committed to the Bible and trusting in the Bible. They love reading it, which I find amazing because I've never seen that before in my life. I sat in on a Bible study group. For the first time ever I saw students that are joyful about the Bible. It has really opened my eyes. It is not just a boring book. It’s Jesus' word and it’s great!
Jenni: You said earlier that a few people you knew have come to Christ. Can you tell me about that?
Robert: I was overjoyed to hear about one friend.  I did not expect him to, but he became a Christian. I just never believed it would happen. It is crazy because I grew up with him… but I guess God can do great things!
Jenni: Do you have any prayer requests?
Robert: Please pray for the youth in Dunoon to find Jesus because they are crumbling and have no one to look up to. Pray that with what the Royal Servants have done, the younger Christians can build a strong connection in the church. I also just want to say thank you for sending the Royal Servants. They have really changed our lives!

Wow! It is so exciting to see God at work in receptive hearts in Scotland.  We are eager to go back again! Yes, that’s right, for the summer of 2015, our family will be returning with Matt as he leads the Royal Servants Scotland team!
You are a vital part of our ability to follow His calling to serve. We want to echo Roberts words, “Thank you for sending the Royal Servants.” We remain grateful for your prayers and partnership in bringing the message of REAL faith around the world!