Monday, February 1, 2016


Matt will be joining our Kairos Discipleship School students, serving the poor on a mission trip to Honduras, February 15—March 3.

In Honduras we will work with very poor villages in the Southern Opalaca Mountains.  The Lenca Indians are an unreached people group who have a history of superstition and tribal religion, but the Gospel is starting to take hold.  Our team will serve with local missionaries who are working to plant churches in this remote region.  We will use mules to haul our luggage and will have to hike five hours through a “cloud forest” to reach the people!  Once we reach our destination, we will have the awesome opportunity to teach Bible classes, as well as meet practical needs through construction projects.  We will also use soccer ministry, kids’ Bible programs, and evening church services to share the Gospel.  

Matt will be leading a Reign Ministries mission trip to Macedonia in response to the Refugee crisis in Europe, March 18—27.
In Macedonia we will be partnering with SEND Int’l to serve those affected by the Syrian refugee crises, arguably one of the worst humanitarian crises of our time. Just this year, over 500,000 refugees (half of them children), have made their way across Europe looking for safety from war-torn areas in the Middle East. These people are tired, scared and desperate. And with many disillusioned with their religion, for a short window of time, they are open to the gospel in ways as never before. We will be making daily trips to the border, passing out food, cleaning up litter, and caring for the different needs of the refugees. We will have the unique opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus to them in a real and tangible way.