Friday, April 15, 2016


The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble. – Psalm 9:9

Since my return home people ask me, “How was your trip Matt?” I typically respond with, “It was amazing!” or “It was awesome!” And while that description of our trip is true, it certainly doesn’t explain just everything that our team felt and experienced. As the trip leader, I can honestly say that EVERYONE on the team was blessed beyond anything they had hoped for or imagined. We ALL fell in love with the refugees we got to know and also with our ministry partners (SEND Int’l), who work tirelessly in Macedonia. Here are some highlights from our ministry at the refugee camp:

· Served food to 1300 hungry refugees for a week
· Provided 6500 additional meals through “Feed My Starving Children”
· Funded 3 additional days of food distribution for the refugees
· Interacted with refugees through conversations, sports, and visits to shelters
· Helped with individual needs – provided medicine, repaired broken glasses, etc.
· Humbled by the hospitality of the refugees who offered what little they had
· Shared countless cups of tea with the refugees and blessed by their friendship
· Listened to tragic, courageous stories fleeing war-torn countries pursuing freedom
· Loved children by playing games, and providing toys & school supplies
· Offered New Testaments and shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with open hearts

Wow! We were so blessed to experience God’s compassionate heart for the refugees. He LOVES the oppressed and He IS a strong shelter in times of trouble. Thank you for showing His love through your prayers and gifts to make it ALL happen!


A refugee named Kabil,  told me in Afghanistan he used to read a bible by flashlight under his covers at night for fear of persecution. I asked him if he’d accept a new testament in his language and read it. He said, Of course… I am free.I sat there stunned by his response. Even though Kabil was “stuck” in a fenced-in refugee camp and had no certainty of his future, he now viewed himself as “free.”  While Kabir has not yet committed himself to Christ, he is now free to seek Him like never before. Please pray that Kabil would find Christ and truly be “free!


What would compel you to get up in the middle of the night, grab your money and your family and head out of the country?  There would have to be some force of evil that is causing you to leave everything you’ve worked for.  This is exactly what has happened for thousands of refugees. But God redeems!  Acts 17:26&27 says that God has determined the  boundaries of everyone’s dwelling place, that they should seek God and perhaps feel their way toward him and find him.”  Reaching out to refugees or immigrants may perhaps be the greatest open door to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ! Pray that the refugee or immigrant would look to God and find him!