Monday, September 1, 2014

AN UNDENIABLE PRAYER (A Royal Servants Report on our Ministry in Dunoon & Glasgow, Scotland)

“And this is the confidence that we have toward him, that if we ask anything  according to his will he hears us.” 
-- 1 John 5:14

Tanner paused, and then prayed for Keir, “God, reveal yourself to Keir, prove to him that Jesus is real.”

Even though 17 year old Keir was not a Christian, he enjoyed hanging out with our team and showing us around Dunoon, a quaint seaside Scottish town just an hour and half west of Glasgow.  Many youth in the town come from broken homes and have turned to drugs and alcohol.  In fact, the pastor we worked with said he knew of less than five or six Christian teenagers in the entire town of 8,500 residents.  We knew God had led us to Dunoon for a reason.

Tanner Blake, a staff discipler on our team, took an interest in reaching out to Keir. So, he invited him to join his small group of guys discussing the Bible. Kier said, “Sure!” He even rearranged his schedule (which meant getting up before noon) to come back each day to meet and talk about the Bible.

Over the course of a few days, Tanner’s friendship with Keir grew and they started having deeper conversations. Tanner learned that Keir was heavy into hardcore drugs and alcohol. Keir admitted, “I am not happy with the way I am living.” Tanner understood. He was able to relate with Keir because he had also went through some of the same exact struggles before he knew the Lord.

Tanner explained, “No matter how good the drug is or how cool the alcohol makes you feel, there is nothing greater than experiencing God’s love!” Tanner, sensing the presence of the Holy Spirit asked Kier, “Can I pray with you and ask God to reveal His love to you?” Keir nodded his head in agreement.

After praying, Keir seemed a little “out of it,” so Tanner asked him, “Are you okay?” And Keir replied in hesitant amazement, “I lost my legs, I feel something is here!”

In excitement Tanner said to Keir, “Dude, that is the Holy Spirit!” They both began to weep and praise the Lord! Right before their eyes, God answered Tanners prayer and revealed Himself to Kier. The Lord proved to Keir that He is real, and still working in the world.

Tanner then asked Keir, “Do you want to accept Christ into your life.” After a very vigorous head nod, Keir prayed to receive Christ and is now walking with the Lord!  

What this unforgettable experience revealed to our team is that prayer is undeniably the most powerful blessing that the Lord has given us. It is what gives us confidence in our God when we ask anything according to his will—we know that He hears us! (1 John 5:14)

For Tanner and our team, saying goodbye to Keir and other friends left behind in Dunoon was very difficult. We know that there are so few believers to encourage them. His heart, along with ours is burdened to continue to pray for the youth of Dunoon and those we met in Glasgow. Especially for the few teenage believers like Keir to remain strong in the faith.

This work does not happen without you! Please pray for the Holy Spirit to continue to be at work, revealing himself to the students we are working with.  If God is not in this we are ineffective. And if we are not sent, they are not reached. More than ever, the need of your prayer is undeniable! 


Praise God for yet another incredible summer we had in Scotland. Continue to pray for the impact that has been made on students lives as they live for Christ in school this year.

We shared Christ with many Middle Eastern Immigrants and Scottish teens. Please pray for the Churches we served with; for effective follow-up and for encouraging new believers.

This year Matt is helping with our Mobilization Department
to coach a number of new staff members joining Reign Ministries. Please pray for coaching wisdom, and for these new staff raising their support!

Please pray for our children as the new school year has begun (Nathan–6th grade, Abby–4th grade, Josh–1st grade & Rachel–Preschool). Pray that we maintain a healthy & Godly focus in our parenting.