Friday, November 25, 2011


Dana served as a student in India this past summer. She attends one of our supporting churches, where Matt has been speaking and recruiting students for many years. We want to share Dana’s story with you.

“We took a rickshaw ride through the Redlight District of New Dehli. There are tons of fake storefronts. But inside the “stores,” you can see the staircases leading up to hidden rooms. You can’t see the rooms and you can’t see behind the walls. But when you saw a man with a little girl, you just knew. It broke my heart. 

I have a heart to see sex trafficking ended. I remember those children and women who have, and are going through it. I want to be a part of bringing hope for their future. I am currently studying Bible and Psychology at Bethel University. If God should so lead, I am interested in serving internationally in a safe home for those recovering from the sex trade. Going on Royal Servants was definitely one of the MOST LIFE CHANGING things I have ever done. After going, I KNOW for a fact that overseas missions is what I was meant for. I love it so much.” 

It is because of students like Dana that we are committed to serving with Royal Servants. God is at work transforming and calling students into ministry around the world.

Royal Servants 2012 mission teams will serve in: China, Costa Rica, England, Ethiopia, Europe, India, Ireland, Israel, and Sierra Leone. Our work throughout the calendar year is also very intentional to empower the whole of all the teams. We are committed to see each of the 300+ students grow, in Christ and in sharing Christ. Matt will be leading one of the Africa teams in 2012.

You are a vital part of our ability to follow His calling to serve. We continue to be grateful for your partnership in bringing the message of hope all over the world!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


“Whoever claims to live in him must walk as Jesus did.” 1 John 2:6

I (Matt) just returned from an exciting three day ministry training in Chicago. This is the fourth time in a year and a half that I have joined this small group of youth ministry professionals. Why? Simply to study the life of Jesus and to learn how to create disciple making movements as He did. The ministry training is called, LIVE 2:6 (from 1 John 2:6).

What is a LIVE 2:6 group?
LIVE 2:6 groups are learning communities of 3-12 ministry leaders who study, train, and evaluate the life of Christ using a strategy developed by SONLIFE. Over 40 organizations globally (including Reign Ministries) and 750,000 ministry leaders have been through ministry training by SONLIFE.

I have loved being challenged and encouraged by my LIVE 2:6 group as I have learned to “walk as Jesus walked.” My ministry skills have been sharpened and I know that will translate to more students coming to know the Savior!

Thank you for your commitment to our ministry and the walk Jesus has called us to!