Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Our new Logos for Reign Ministries 
and our ministry divisions; Royal 
Servants MissionTrips and Kairos
Discipleship School.
 Over the last few months Reign Ministries has undergone a total and complete makeover in the visual brand of the ministry. This has involved new logos (which have not been updated since 1987!), a new revamped website, new social media strategies, new print publications and more.

Our new look was developed to reflect Reign’s commitment to intentional discipleship, quality mission trips, and professional leadership that we have established over the past 30 years. We believe the logos present a seamless look, uniting Kairos Discipleship School and Royal Servants divisions underneath Reign Ministries. 

Please visit our new revamped website 
at  www.reignministries.org
Matt has been involved with a team of people to make this happen. We are all very excited and believe the new visual identity and updated website will aid in Reign Ministries’ mission to advance the Kingdom of God by developing youth and youth leaders who have great commandment hearts and live great commission lifestyles. 

You will see the updated look on our website and social media outlet pages, as well as on our print materials over the coming months. Please take the time to visit our new website and check out the new updated look!


Besides working on the rebrand Matt has also been involved in promoting our Royal Servants Mission Trips and talking to interested students. This involves answering email inquiries, networking with youth pastors and setting up speaking engagements at local churches.

While the thrust of recruiting happens mainly after the first of the year we are seeing a greater number of students finding us online and pursing our mission trip opportunities earlier than ever before. With the new website now in place we are also benefiting from a new online application process which makes our recruiting efforts much more effective.  All the hard work has paid off and ultimately leads to more lives being changed for the Kingdom!


· Prayer for Local Ministry—
Matt helps lead a men’s morning bible study group which encourages men in the quest for authentic Christian manhood. He also volunteers with a “Boys Brigade” program,  with a goal to raise up godly young men to lead and serve in family, church and the community.   Jenni leads a small group for “Women of Worth”, a women’s community bible study and ministry.
· Prayer for Our Family—
Eph. 6:4 encourages parents to
“Take your children by the hand and lead them in the way of the Master”
(MSG). Please pray that this would be how we lead our children. Pray that we are filled with the love of Christ. For he is our life and we need him desperately in our family and in our ministry, every moment of every day.