Monday, July 1, 2013


Hey Friends… By the time you receive this post-card we will be on
our way to Scotland! Please pray for our July weeks of ministry! 

· Week 6—Ministry in Glasgow, Scotland
· Week 7—Ministry in Glasgow, Scotland
· Week 8—Ministry in Glasgow, Scotland & London, England
· Week 9—Ministry & Debriefing in London, England
· Week 10—Final Debriefing & Departure Home & REST!

 The kids and I are so excited to travel with Daddy’s Scotland team! After five years of not traveling we might be a little out of practice, but we can’t wait!  This summer is an awesome opportunity for our kids to be exposed to ministry, and for their hearts to grow in Christ.  We will be learning a lot about new cultures as we serve in a very multi-cultural inner-city Glasgow church. We’re also thankful to have our family together after being separated the month of June.

Praise God we have a volunteer student nanny!  Her name is Elizabeth and she has already served two summers as a student w/Royal Servants We are so thankful for her!  We are asking the Lord to richly bless her this summer.  Pray for Jenni and the kids to connect well with her. And pray for Elizabeth to have wisdom as she serves our family.

· Royal Servants Scotland—Pray for team unity, spiritual growth, physical strength, safety in travel, wisdom and guidance, faith and courage in sharing the good news of Jesus, and changed lives in our outreach & service!

· Family Travel & Ministry—Pray for wise packing, organized living (out of 6 duffle bags) in a church classroom, sleeping and jet lag with a toddler, peace when laundry and showers are not easily accessible, wisdom parenting in a team setting, and a consistent joyful attitude for us all :)