Thursday, October 1, 2015

GREATER THINGS TO COME (A Royal Servants Report on our Summer Ministry Team in Scotland)

“As I scan the spiritual horizon of Scotland, 
I believe that God is on the move! He is 
breaking down walls and stirring in the 
hearts of the Scottish people!”

“I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.”  John 4:35

“I want to believe, but there are just too many barriers in the way.” earnestly exclaimed Alec (name changed), an inquisitive Scottish teenager.

“I consider myself a believer in science…” Alec paused to gather his words, “But I guess I’m still searching for that ‘one thing’ to convince me otherwise.”

This summer in Scotland, our mission team encountered several “spiritually famished” young people like Alec. Students who are starving for truth and still searching for that “one thing” that can only be found in the good news of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Alan Wright, or “Arf” as the Scottish teens call him, explained that their youth club at Dunoon Baptist Church has grown greatly over the past year. Less than a year ago there were only a handful of teens attending the weekly youth club. Today there are over 60 regular teens who come to hang out and hear about God. This is huge because Alan has learned that basically none of them have Christian parents.

Another Scottish teen named Abbey (name changed) approached one of our students, toting her brand new bible in hand, which she acquired through the youth club. She said she recently became a Christian. She had been fed up with her home life. She wanted something different than the way her parents were living. While admittedly she might be rebelling against her parents in her own way, she is opening herself up to the “one thing” that is missing in her life.

On one occasion our students hosted a drop in youth event for all the areas teens called “Grill em!” And no, it was not a BBQ! For two hours we sat around tables with Scottish teens who “grilled” us with all kinds of deep questions they had about God! The event was so successful that even after I had dismissed the teens, they stayed a couple more hours just to hang out and ask more questions! Our American students were able to talk more in-depth and ultimately point the Scottish teens to the “one thing” missing in their life—Jesus Christ!

On our final night in Scotland we had a wonderful celebration with the local teens that we had gotten to know and love. We prayed and sang worship songs atop Castle Hill which overlooks the city of Dunoon. Before departing the next day I was given a handwritten note along with a strong bear hug by Pastor Alan. Later I enjoyed reading the note to the team to encourage them with what God had done through them:


I just wanted to say thanks for partnering with us in the Gospel and bringing the team over. It makes such an impact in Dunoon and I hope that as you return year after year you’ll see growth here and young people changed. As you guys were standing at the top of Castle Hill praying for Dunoon and singing “Greater things have yet to come” and Build your Kingdom here,” it’s now our guys who are trying to hold that vision and make it happen in difficult times. It is also hard to find solid partners here. I usually have to train them, and so your team is greatly appreciated and so valuable to me. Thank you for your faithfulness.


As I scan the spiritual horizon of Scotland, I believe that God is on the move! He is breaking down walls and stirring in the hearts of the Scottish people – and the fields are ripe for harvest (John 4:35)! Thank you for investing in our ministry! Please keep praying – greater things are yet to come!!


“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” --Jesus (John 10:10) 

When referring to this passage, the famous Scottish author and Christian minister, George MacDonald, put it this way;

“In a word, He (Jesus) came to supply all our lack—from the root outward; for what is it that we need, but more life?...More life!”

As I reflect on our summer of ministry, I am struck with the fact that when we step out past what we are able to offer, Jesus comes to supply all we lack, and in the process, we discover more life! At the same time I am also keenly aware that the “thief” is not far behind to snatch life away from us.

With that in mind, I simply ask you to pray that our students, the new believers, and ministry partners in Scotland, would continue to accept Jesus’ offer of MORE LIFE!                                                                        

To pray the “Life” Prayer, go here: