Friday, November 1, 2013


Praying for students in Scotland! Next 
summer - 2014, our family will be 
returning to Scotland with another 
Royal Servants mission team!
In this Holiday season, we pray that Christ is ever-nearer to your heart. We are grateful for the blessings He has brought our family and ministry this year. We are also excited for all God has in store in 2014!

As you know, this past summer our entire family packed our bags and traveled to Scotland and England with a team of 30 Royal Servants. The fruit from our ministry was incredible and remains to this day. Scottish and British people along with immigrants from around the world were impacted for Christ. Student’s lives were changed.

“I feel prepared to take what I have learned from this summer of service and begin a lifetime of ministry.” – Matthew A.

“I have never experienced so much spiritual growth at one time as I did this summer... Before now I had not ever fully opened up my heart, soul, and mind to God.” – Ana V.

“I shared God’s love with Mary and she made a commitment to follow Christ. This ignited a desire in my heart to reach out to people like her – those who are lost and forgotten.” – Shinead W. 

“I now have a much greater confidence in talking to strangers about Christ… I am ready to take the next step with God – towards my future and faith in Him alone.” – Devin F.

Wow! We are incredibly privileged to have played a small part in the spiritual development of students like these. So as you can imagine, we are ready to do it again! Yes, that’s right, for the summer of 2014, our family will travel with Matt as he again leads a team to serve in Scotland and England!

We remain grateful for your partnership in bringing the message of hope all over the world!