Sunday, July 10, 2011


PRAISE GOD! We are SO thrilled to share our exciting news! Matt and Jenni fly to Ethiopia July 17th!!! Our future adopted daughter is 4 months old and her name will be Rachel Rose.

We need to pass two more levels before we can bring our Rachel Rose home to the USA:

Ethiopian Federal Court- pray we pass on 7/22/11.
US Embassy in Ethiopia - pray we pass by 8/15/11.

As soon as we pass ET Fed. court, we are able to take custody of Rachel within Ethiopia; while we await passing US Embassy. Matt returns 8/2. Jenni has an open-ended ticket and is going to try to stay in Ethiopia long enough to be able to bring Rachel home for good, without putting her back in the orphanage. Otherwise Jenni will need to make a second ET trip to bring Rachel home.

Passing through the adoption process quickly/smoothly.
Rachel to be healthy and loved-on in the orphanage; also for protection against malnutrition, parasites, etc.
Nathan, Abby and Joshua as we are separated from them.
Safety in our international and in-country transport and accommodations. Also protection for our health.
Praise God for provision for our adoption expenses.  

Matt loved leading the Barnabas team at training camp in June! We are excited about progress on the new training camp building project Matt is overseeing – the building shell is now complete! Pray for the 9 Royal Servants teams serving around the globe.