Sunday, February 13, 2011


I have the opportunity to put my Architectural / Construction education and work experience (prior to ministry career) to work on a new project this spring – 2011. Our Director has asked me to be the Project Manager for building the new Administrative/Training Facility at our new Royal Servants Training Camp in Portage, Wisconsin. What does that mean? I will be drawing up plans, putting together specs on materials, organizing work crews, and collecting bids from sub contractors. This will save the ministry thousands of dollars from hiring a general contractor. I am excited about using these gifts and skills to advance God’s Kingdom. Our goal is to break ground this spring but there is much to do! Please pray for me as I diligently take on this huge project over the coming months.


If you have a minute, click on the link below and check out the new Reign Ministries website; I’ve worked hard with our web developer over the last few months on designing a website pleasing to the eye and to the needs of our students. We made some big changes like; new mega-menus, featured content, more visible staff, personalization of pages, improved search, fast access to social networking, and super-easy commenting! We are very pleased by the results. Students and parents love the new site!


I’ve completed the new 2011 Royal Servants Brochure. This new brochure has gone out to our staff and into the hands of thousands of students across the US and Canada. Even with the internet, we still find that a visually appealing brochure in the hands of a student goes a long way to our recruiting efforts. A brochure can give the opportunity for God to work on the hearts of those he is calling to the mission field. Please pray God would use this brochure to accomplish his purposes. Also, please help us out by giving it to a teenager or college student you know!


We will be in the Phoneix area for several days in mid-February meeting with ministry partners and churches to share more about our work with Reign Ministries. If you recall, Jenni lived in Phoenix and served with Food for the Hungry before we met and married. We haven’t been there in 10 years and are looking forward to visiting and reconnecting with friends and ministry partners.


I have been assigned to lead the Royal Servants mission trip to Italy this summer! Italy is a team I can hand off to a new team leader more easily should we need to change plans and travel to Ethiopia if we receive a referral for our adoption. So instead of returning to Sierra Leone, we will be on our way to Italy! Why Italy? One, Italy is much more predictable should my family decide to join us over the summer. Two, Italy is much less expensive (we will be camping it!) And three, Italians need Jesus just as much as Sierra Leoneans do! In addition, we have missionary partners working outside of Rome. We are all excited about serving them with a Royal Servants team. We will share more about this exciting opportunity later, please pray!


Jenni continues to love working with mom’s and children. The “Moms-In-depth” ministry that she helped start in North Branch is still active and growing with new moms and leaders each year. In December, a former Royal Servants student invited Jenni to speak at a women’s outreach event in Cokato, MN with 150 women. Her topic was on “JOY.” It was an amazing opportunity for Jenni to share from her life experiences and her call in missions. Since this was also an outreach event, Jenni had the blessed opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ – our true source of Joy!


We are still waiting for our referral of either twins or an infant girl from Ethiopia. It has been over a year since we began the process to adopt internationally. We remain excited as we continue to wait on the Lord. Please pray for our patience in the Lord’s perfect timing as we continue to trust in Him through this whole process. Also, Thank you so much to the many of you who gave specifically towards our adoption need at the 2010 year-end! We have a total need of approximately $20,000 to complete our adoption. So far, we have raised HALF of our total need. Praise God! He has blessed us in so many ways, through your generousity! Jenni is holding an adoption fundraiser “winter garage sale” in March. Please pray this will be a profitable fundraiser. If you still want to give towards our adoption through “Lifesong for Orphans” its not too late. You can contact us, or give online at and follow the “Donate” link. Also, be sure to follow our blog for the latest postings and prayer requests!