Friday, June 1, 2018


Every summer we have students who join our mission teams from various churches all over the US and even the world! Now I am sure you’d expect it to be quite a challenge to unify such a diverse group of students to have a singular focused mission? However, I am continually amazed at the fact that even though we have different backgrounds (and may even talk a little different), JESUS is the common bond that brings us together for we are all ONE under him. It is a beautiful picture of harmony and unity within the body of Christ—unlike anything this world can offer.

This summer, our Uganda mission team represents participants from fourteen US states and four countries. Yet, we all have ONE faith, ONE LORD, and ONE mission this summer!


I realize that it can be a daunting task to pray regularly for us during the summer but please know that it makes all the difference! Missions is more than God’s people serving him. Missions is all about God at work. If He isn’t working in and through our team to accomplish His purposes, than nothing eternal is getting done.
With 7 days in a week, here are 7 ways you can pray for our Uganda Team!

Day 1—RELATIONSHIP WITH GODLoving and studying God’s word, Strong prayer life, Filled with the Holy Spirit, Maturing spiritually, Progress over sin.
Day 2—PHYSICAL/EMOTIONALAdaptation to climate and culture, Health in the midst of disease, Safety in danger, Victory over negative emotions.
Day 3—TEAM RELATIONSHIPSTeam leadership to staff disciplers to student participants, Team unity as a witness to nationals, Unity with ministry partners.
Day 4—ABILITY TO COMMUNICATELanguage barriers, Interpreters, Cultural adaptation/understanding, Value for nationals and long-term ministry.
Day5—EFFECTIVE MINISTRYTeaching, Preaching, Witnessing, Boldness, Open doors, Prepared hearts, Fruitfulness, Follow-up.
Day 6—VICTORY OVER DARKNESSSatanic or demonic oppression, sinful and worldly desires, eyes to spiritually see the schemes of the enemy.
Day 7—UGANDAGovernment–national and local, Political situation, Continued open doors, Outreach in Kampala, surrounding villages and beyond.

I hope that this short list will help give you some ideas because it is easy to resort to “God bless so-and-so in Uganda. Amen” Ask for God to help as you pray intensely, intelligently and with His Spirit’s power! Your prayer and partnership mean so much!