Friday, February 3, 2012


This month I will be heading down to Louisville, Kentucky for four days to attend the final LIVE 2:6 conference. As I have mentioned in the past, the LIVE 2:6 conference is organized through Sonlife Ministries. This is a group of youth ministry professionals (from across the country) that simply come together to study the life of Jesus and to learn how to create disciple making movements as He did. 

I will be attending these training sessions at Southeast Christian Church, which is a church driven by a disciple making process, and is now one of the fastest growing churches in America.

I will be driving down and back with another pastor from MN and look forward to the fellowship we will have.  Also, I’m excited and look forward to being challenged and encouraged by my fellow ministry peers. Please pray for a safe trip and a fruitful, refreshing time.