Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Matt with Abu Stephen Conteh, 
the National Director of Youth 
For Christ in Sierra Leone, in 2010.

In a culture where shaking hands, hugging and kissing are ways to show love and care, not being able to do so is painful but necessary for our Sierra Leonean friends. Currently, about five people every hour in Sierra Leone are diagnosed with Ebola.

Over the past 5 years, Reign Ministries has had a strong ongoing partnership with Youth for Christ in Sierra Leone. After having been to Sierra Leone twice in 2010, my heart is grieved for our friends experiencing turmoil and crisis in their nation. 

While there, our team served alongside our friends to reach unwanted children in the streets, the unemployed in trash filled over-crowded slums, the hungry neglected children in under-staffed orphanages, the juvenile delinquents in detentions centers, and the hope-filled teens of under-funded schools. The thought of what the conditions are like now in these places is very difficult for me to comprehend.

Yet I pray with expectation that God will answer the prayers of his people and continue to offer his plan of salvation through the courageous and dedicated Youth for Christ staff. Please take a moment to pray for our friends and ask God to pour out His love and mercy on those who are currently suffering in Sierra Leone. 

“As our nation grapples with the pandemic of the Ebola virus that has claimed hundreds of lives; we look with hope to our soon coming King! For this reason, we remain steadfast, unmovable, always willing to expend ourselves for the salvation and transformation of our young people. We can only tell the full scale of the damage when this is over, this is why we are asking our friends to stand in the gap with us for God’s intervention in our land. Ebola is no respecter of age, status or profession; we are all at risk.”  –Abu Stephen Conteh 

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