Friday, November 6, 2009


By Jenni Halseth

After much prayer it has become clear that at this point in time, God is not leading us to serve in the UK.   We definitely had excitement about the possibility to serve full-time overseas.  However, we are EVEN MORE excited about the way the Lord has CLEARLY answered us! 

He has shown us and given us a heart to continue WHOLE-HEARTEDLY in the ministry He already has us in!  For a long time it was not a clear or simple choice; we feel it really could have gone either way.  But eventually God was so faithful to make it clear that He wants us right where we are.

We are not moving overseas right now, but we do know that God had his purposes in our pursuit of this possibility. He has revealed to us on a deeper level the heart He has for ALL the peoples on the earth.  We are also more deeply united as a couple in our continued growing desire to serve in whatever role He calls us to – here or anywhere.

Moving overseas at a future date is not out of the question, but not in the immediate future. Our vision to reach the world for Christ through our current position with Royal Servants has been confirmed and affirmed via friends, colleagues and prayer partners. Thank you so much for praying for us as we considered this move!

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