Sunday, May 1, 2011


As you know, for the past several months I have been the Building Project Manager on the new training and administrative building Royal Servants is putting up at the new missions training camp, in Wisconsin. Last week our director asked me to remain in the US this summer in order to continue overseeing this WI building project. Another experienced team leader has been re-assigned to take my place as the Italy mission team leader.

 We had hoped to have the building completed enough to use by June 1st this year for training camp.  However, unexpected delays (especially the wet weather) have pushed construction back.  As a result, there is a huge need for someone to be here in the US (and not have all the staff overseas) while the building project progresses.  So this summer I will be spending a fair amount of time in WI in order to continue overseeing construction.

 I am definitely going to miss leading an international missions team this summer.  At the same time, I sense a specific calling this summer.  It is an exciting opportunity to be able to use my construction skills and education to strategically serve our ministry in the development of the long-term permanent missions training camp site.

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