Monday, June 1, 2009

Highlights of our Trip to the UK

Last month Matt and I went to England for a week to visit with our Reign UK staff team and to explore the possibilities of a long-term UK missions/ministry position.

Here are some highlights:

We sensed the power of people praying for us - throughout the trip.  On four different occasions we had British ministry leaders express to us a specific prayer, word, verse, or vision that God put on their heart specifically regarding us.

We were encouraged by how many open doors were shown to us regarding how He has specifically equipped us in the ministry to train up new youth and youth leaders to reach the UK.

We sensed continuous confirmation along the way that He is leading us to be exploring this possibility.

We were able to clearly see the great need and unique circumstances that make reaching youth in the UK especially strategic.

We  were excited to see the heart of the ministry which our colleagues there are involved with – to reach teens in the UK for Christ. There is an entire generation missing from the local church and less than 1% of teens attend church.

What now? We are taking several months to “soak in prayer” the decision of whether the Lord is in fact leading our whole family to move to another continent!! 
Please join us in praying for this rather large decision.  Pray we will be really in tune with Him.  Pray we will be able to hear clearly and consistently if this is His will for our family. Please pray also that if we are to go that placement details would become more clear. 

We hope to make a decision sometime this fall.  Before leaving we would have to raise additional financial support.  Should we move, it would be sometime in 2010 or 2011.

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